Steps to use an Overlock machine

There are a lot of things that you need to know before you buy anOverlock machine from best serger reviewand also you need to understand that Overlock machines are used to give a finished look for your stitched products. The sales of the stitched products becomemore when you put them under and over lock machine and give them a finished look. Read more on

Below mentioned are some of the steps to use an Overlock machine at its best

  • First of all read the manual

Directions to use are neatly written in the user manual therefore it becomes very important that you study the user manual perfectly before you start using an Overlock machine.

Without understanding the instructions in the user manual you may not master the art of using Overlock machines.


  • Learn to thread the serger

Serger is one of the main components of an Overlock machine therefore it becomes very important for you learn the usage of serger on best serger review. Without understanding the threading of serger the overall machine can go bad.

  • Turn off the serger

Now you know that you need to thread the serger for the use of Overlock machine.However; you need to always thread the serger when it is switched off. With the serger turned on, threading should not be done because you may end up damaging the whole unit of Overlock machine.

  • Check for the right thread

Thread is also one of the important components of the Overlock Machines. If you do not have a proper thread then you may find difficulties in overlocking the stitched clothes. Therefore; it is equally important that you have the right kind of thread when you are using it on an Overlock machine.

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