Let’s know something more about FDD

We all know that it is very difficult to defend and make a nation free from the enemies and to implement the ideas into action for the betterment of the nations, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a non-profit and non-partisan organization, formed by a group of visionaries. Unity is the strength so getting together to work out on the issue which is affecting the lives of many innocent people. The founder of this organization is Clifford D May, who is a political activist. They have a slogan which is as follows “fighting terrorism and promoting freedom.”

The various projects which are being covered under Foundation for Defense of Democracies include Centre on Sanction and Illicit Finance, Iran Project, The Turkey Project, Qualitative Military Edge. They keep conducting events, like, they have in their annual events an event named as Leading Thinkers to bring together the best of minds to have more ideas on problems and issues faced by the nations with an aim of having solutions to these issues. Also, various forums on national security and foreign policy are the part. With the main of having a better cyber environment, improved military power and forming better policies which ensure the enjoyment of human rights freely and completely. Sharing two of their projects below:

Syria Issue

 Recent issues being faced by Syria, capturing the whole scenario since 2011 when the whole story began and how things kept on turning year to year. Doing research and juggling of ideas between thinkers to reach a situation where things can be made better for the people. Looking for ways which will make Syrian situation better and violence-free and help the people to have terror free lives for themselves and their upcoming generations. The whole was being done by the team of Foundation for Defense of Democracies, so as to provide the clean picture from the whole beginning of the Syrian war under its Syria project. It is one amongst the various other wonderful initiatives of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Turkey Program

 Then another project of Foundation for Defense of Democracies, which mainly seeks to inform policymakers and the American public about the AKP’s dangerous policies that have risked Turkish and Western security. With the help of the policymakers, the whole work is being analyzed carefully. Also, they move confidently because of the support of the board of advisers for the program. It covers the problems relating to Endogen, Ankara’s Failure, etc.

Like this The Foundation for Defense of Democracies, is a wonderful initiative soughing out ways to provide relief to various nations are being affected by terrorism and political games. In the form of various projects, the undertaking projects are the most crucial and important issues and then doing proper research on these issues. They are making efforts to connect all the intelligent ideas on one place through various forums and meetings and various other initiatives.