Interesting facts to know about cats

Cats are the most adorable and favorite pet of many homeowners. They are popular for not having the best annoyance and for always making efforts to embrace with you.They are our friends 4 ever and they are the animals that domesticated by themselves.  If you have a cat, you possibly know lots of things about them however there are some interesting and exciting facts that only few people know about them.

  1. Similar to the human fingerprints, a cat’s nose has aninimitable pattern.
  2. it’s more usual in cats to meow as they are asking their mums for attention. Mature cats don’t meow so frequently, and when they do the same they maybe have something very important to tell us.

3.When a cat come closer to you and gradually moves his tail, it implies that she/he likes you.But when she wags her tail it implies that she’s disturb about something.

our friends 4 ever

  1. Catscan see in dark. This is because of the truth that cat’seyes have a insightful layer of cells under the light receptors. It is this insightful layer of cells that makes cat’s eye are shining in the dark.
  2. Cats don’t have the ability to taste sweet foodstuff. Due to this reason they don’t eat sweet foods. Human beings can enjoy 5 types of taste buds; however cats don’t have amino acids that let humans to enjoy sweets
  3. Humanshave total 206 bones in the body. But cats don’thave a clavicle that’s why cats can easily fit everywhere.
  4. It is a proven fact that cat’s brain is same as to human’s brain, in contrast to a dog’s brain. Cats are very smart like dogs, but in different manners. In both cats and people, the brain is made of white and gray matter.

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