How to migrate without wordpress migration services

If you are looking to move your website to a completely new host, it can be quite a daunting experience. But it doesn’t really need to be. Most people use WordPress migration services and make their job easy. But there are some who might try to do it on their own. For such people, we have given you some steps in brief which needs to be followed –

Back up – The very first step has to be to back up each and every feature of your site. Any major change always requires this. There are several plug-ins which can help you with your backup. Or you can take a manual approach. You could use an FTP program and copy all your files to a folder on your computer including the .htaccess file.

Export Database – Exporting the database is pretty simple and needs only a few steps. All you need to do is login in to the cPanelof the web server and open up the phpMyAdmin application. You have to select the database which has the WordPress installation and click the Export tab.



Create a WordPress Database on the new server – You have to construct an environment for the installation for which you have to create a database into which you can import the SQL data.

Edit wp-config.php file – In the folder where you downloaded the website files into, there would be a folder wp-config.php file. You need to create a copy of this and store it in another folder.

Import the database – Now that the new database is ready the importing can be done.

Upload WordPress files – Once the database is prepared and the wp-config.php file is reconfigured, you need to upload your website files. Keep in mind not to delete those files from your computer.

What remains to be done is defining the new domain and link to a new URL. You will also need to configure your DNS settings. The entire process though sounds easy, needs to be done very carefully. If this sounds too overwhelming you can try out