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A serger is a very useful machine that can be used for sewing purpose. Many sewers have taken to the machine due to the ease of working that the machine presents although very little about the machine is known by people even in the fabric business. Hence, it is very important to know the details of a serger machine so that if there is a need to buy one, a person should be aware of his requirement and the type of serger that can help him solve the purpose. Listed below are some of the parameters from best serger review that should be understood if one needs to buy the machine for his requirement.

best serger review

  • Stitch wide – It is very important to know the thread size that will be used later because if the thread is far wide, it will bunch up and if it is too narrow, the stitch won’t be as precise as required.
  • Stitch length – The stitch length of a serger is exactly similar to that on a sewing machine so that smaller the length of a stitch, the more close they will be to each other.
  • Adjustable tension – The thread tension has a lot of bearing on the finished product’s outlook. There is no thumb rule for it and this needs to be adjusted as per the work that is being completed.
  • Free arm – It is a little part which can be detached from the machine that permits to sew small circular pieces and allows making hemming cuffs easily. com always advocates for a machine which has this feature.
  • Specialty needles – Specialty needles can be required by a few machines for precise stitches.
  • Machine size – The dimensions of a machine can be easily found out in the product listing so that space management can be done.

Understanding these factors can enable a customer to buy a serger machine that can very well take care of the purpose.